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Welcome to Apsara Unisex Salon

Indulge in elegance through our exceptional Hair Salon, Beauty Salon, and nail salon services. At Apsara Unisex Salon, we’re dedicated to redefining your grooming experience with our expert touch and sophisticated approach. We offer a range of unisex salon services, including consultation, cut, coloring, texture, hair rituals, face rituals, nail rituals, hand & feet spa, and hair design. Relax and pamper yourself with our experienced stylists. Visit us for a rejuvenating experience!

Hair Salon


At Apsara Unisex Salon, we provide exemplary consultation services for women seeking to enhance their beauty. Our skilled professionals offer personalized advice and guidance on the latest beauty trends, ensuring a delightful experience for every client in our hair salon and beyond.

Hair Salon Services


Apsara Unisex Salon offers exceptional haircutting services for women, catering to various hair types and styles. Our skilled stylists use top-quality tools and techniques to deliver a perfect cut every time.

A woman with hair cut
A woman with Pixie Haircut


The Pixie Cut is a trendy and stylish short hairstyle for women, offering a bold and confident look. Our expert stylists at Apsara Hair Salon provide customized Pixie Cuts that suit your face shape and personality.

a woman having signature haircut

signature cut

Our Signature Cut service for women is a personalized experience designed to enhance your unique features and style. Our expert stylists use advanced techniques to create a flawless cut that is tailored to your preferences.

a woman having sharp layer haircut

sharp layer

Experience the ultimate transformation with our Sharp Layer Cut service. Our skilled stylists use precise techniques to create layers that add texture, volume, and movement, giving you a stunning, dynamic look.

a woman having chunk color service


Transform your hair with our expert coloring service at Apsara Hair Salon. Our skilled colorists use high-quality products and techniques to create stunning, vibrant hues that complement your unique style and personality, leaving you with vibrant, beautiful locks.

a woman having french balyage color on hair

French balayage

Achieve a natural, sun-kissed look with our French Balayage coloring service. Our expert colorists use a freehand technique to create subtle highlights, resulting in a low-maintenance, effortlessly beautiful style.

a woman having ombre color on hairs

ombre lowlights

Add depth and dimension to your hair with our Ombre Lowlights coloring service. Our experts blend darker shades into lighter ones, creating a subtle yet striking contrast that enhances your natural beauty.

chunk hair salon


Looking for a bold and daring change? Our CHUNKS coloring service offers vibrant, chunky highlights that add depth and dimension to your hair, creating a unique and edgy style.

a woman having signature highlights on hair

Signature Highlights

Elevate your hair game with our Signature Highlights service. Our expert colorists use advanced techniques to add depth and dimension to your hair, creating a beautiful, natural-looking effect that complements your style.

Hair texture


Enhance your natural hair texture with our specialized services at Apsara Hair Salon. Whether you’re looking for sleek and smooth or voluminous and curly, our experts will create a custom solution to enhance your unique style.

a woman having Biotine work on hairs


Revitalize your hair with our Biotine Hair Service. Infused with nourishing ingredients, this treatment helps improve hair health, boost growth, and restore shine, leaving you with luscious, healthy-looking locks.

a woman having kerasmooth work on hairs


Transform your unruly, frizzy hair with our KERASMOOTH service. Our expert stylists use advanced techniques and KERATIN complex to give you silky, smooth, and manageable hair that lasts for months.

a woman having Perm hairs


PERM hair service involves applying a chemical solution to hair to create curls or waves. The process can last several months and may require maintenance to keep the desired look.

Hair Rituals

hair rituals

Discover a new level of hair care with our personalized Hair Rituals at Apsara Hair Salon. Luxuriate in a bespoke experience that revitalizes your hair, leaving it strong, healthy, and shining.

A woman having Hair Spa

Hair Spa

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with our Hair Spa services. Nourish your hair from the roots, repair damage and leave your hair feeling soft, smooth and revitalized.

Hair Salon


Transform your hair with our Botox Hair Service, a non-invasive treatment that repairs and restores your hair’s natural shine and vitality. Get healthier, smoother, and more manageable hair.

A woman having kerashine work on hairs


Revive your hair with our Kerashine treatment, a specialized service that eliminates frizz, breakage and dullness.Enjoy strong, shiny and manageable hair with our specialized treatment.

Face Rituals

face rituals

Experience the ultimate rejuvenation with our personalized Face Rituals at Apsara Unisex Salon. Relax and renew your skin with a bespoke experience that leaves you feeling refreshed and glowing.

A woman having Hydra Treatment on face

hydra treatment

Rehydrate and replenish your skin with our Hydra Treatment service. Our specialized treatment nourishes and restores moisture, leaving you with a plump, radiant and youthful-looking complexion.

a woman having anti-aging mask on her face

anti-ageing treatment 

Turn back the clock with our Anti-Ageing Treatment. Our specialized service helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots, leaving you with firmer, more youthful-looking skin.

face cleaning

Pamper your skin with our professional face cleaning service. Eliminate impurities, unclog pores and reveal your natural radiance. Say hello to healthy, fresh and glowing skin.

A woman having D-Tan mask on her face


Get rid of unwanted tan with our specialized D-tan service. Achieve an even skin tone and a radiant complexion with our safe and effective treatment.

Foot Spa

feet & hand spa

At Apsar Unisex Salon pamper your hands and feet with our luxurious Spa services. Our experts provide a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that leaves your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Pedicure Service


Indulge in a luxurious pedicure at our salon. Our expert technicians will pamper your feet with a relaxing soak, nail shaping, cuticle care, exfoliation, massage, and polish.



Experience the perfect manicure at our salon. Our skilled technicians will shape, buff, and polish your nails, while also providing cuticle care and a relaxing hand massage. You’ll leave with beautiful, healthy-looking nails.

Nail Rituals

nail rituals

At Apsara Unisex Salon, we offer a variety of nail rituals to enhance your natural nails, including strengthening treatments, gel polish, and custom nail art. Let us create a unique and beautiful look just for you.

Nail Extensions

nail extensions

Get the perfect set of nails with our professional nail extensions. Choose from a range of styles and lengths to create your desired look, with long-lasting durability and natural-looking results.

Nails Art

ombre nails

Make a statement with our Ombre Nails service. Our skilled technicians will blend two or more colors to create a stunning gradient effect that’s sure to turn heads. Get ready to show off your stylish nails!

Nails Art

gel nailpaint

Get a long-lasting, chip-resistant manicure with our gel nail paint. Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes to achieve a flawless and glossy look that will stay beautiful for weeks.

Hair Salon

hair design

Elevate your look with Apsara Unisex Salon’s premier hair design services. From modern cuts to classic styles, our skilled stylists craft personalized looks that enhance your features and lifestyle. Step ahead of competitors like Geetanjali Salon with us

Wedding Hairstyle

wedding hair

Look stunning on your big day with our wedding hair services. Our experienced stylists will work with you to create a custom hairstyle that perfectly complements your dress, theme, and personal style.

Hair Salon

signature blowdryer

Indulge in our signature blowout service at our salon. Our skilled stylists use high-end tools and techniques to create a voluminous and glamorous look that will last for days. Perfect for a special occasion or just to pamper yourself.

Stylish Hairstyle

style up

Elevate your look with our Style Up service. Our experienced stylists will create a customized hairstyle that complements your features and personality, whether you’re looking for a sleek and professional look or a bold and trendy statement.